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Summit Track and Field State Champions 

Note:  From 2002 (Summit’s first year competing) to 2006, Summit competed in OSAA’s top classification, then enumerated 4A.  Starting in 2007, the OSAA split 4A into two divisions, 6A for the largest schools and 5A for the smaller schools.  From 2007 thru 2018 Summit competed in the 5A division before returning to the top classification, now 6A in 2019.  In order to fairly compare the two eras, this list includes those who by their finish in the state championships in 4A would have been state champions if the 5A/6A split had been implemented in that year.  These individuals follow any actual 4A champions and are marked by an asterisk.   

2002 – Zoe Roy, 1500* 

2003 --Tim DeMarco, Disc* 

2004 – Nathan Crabtree, 100,* 200*; Boys 4x100 Relay Team* (Aaron Campbell, John Torsey, Chris Ward, Nathan Crabtree); Boys 4x400 Relay Team* (Bryan Harper, Gerrhett vom Steeg, Chris Ward, Nathan Crabtree) 


2005 – Boys 4x100 Relay Team (Aaron Campbell, John Torsey, Chris Ward, Nathan Crabtree); 

Boys 4x400 Relay Team (Daniel Weins, Kenyon Neuman, Chris Ward, Nathan Crabtree); John Torsey, 100;* Nathan Crabtree, 200*, 400;* Kenyon Neuman, 1500;* Chris Ward, TJ;* Zoe Roy, 1500;* Lindsay Zimmerman, 100H* 

2006 – Aaron Campbell, 100, 200; Alyssa O’Connor, 1500; Suni Kumar, TJ; Boys 4x100 Relay Team* (Kevin Gilbride, Cody Buckendorf, Brent Gunderson, Aaron Campbell); Kourtney Parks, 400;* Lindsay Zimmerman, 100H;* Girls 4x400 Relay Team* (Marissa Berg, Alyssa O’Connor, Lindsay Zimmerman, Kourtney Parks) 

4A split into 5A/6A occurs for the 2007 Season 

2007 – Kellie Schueler, 100, 200, 400; Girls 4x100 Relay Team (Rachelle Wilson, Kellie Schueler, Marissa Berg, Kourtney Parks); Girls 4x400 Relay Team (Marissa Berg, Emily Villano, Hillie Teller, Kourtney Parks) 

2008 – Kellie Schueler, 100, 200, 400; Alyssa O’Connor, 800, 1500; Brooke Bailey, TJ; Girls 4x400 Relay Team (Marissa Berg, Rachelle Wilson, Alyssa O’Connor, Kellie Schueler) 

2009 – Kellie Schueler, 100, 200, 400; Alyssa O’Connor, 800; Christy Mosier, Shot; Girls 4x400 Relay Team (Veronica West, Hillie Teller, Alyssa O’Connor, Kellie Schueler); Matson Hardie, TJ 

2010 – Kellie Schueler, 100, 200, 400; Megan Fristoe, 3000; Girls 4x400 Relay Team (Rachel Slater, Veronica West, Hillie Teller, Kellie Schueler) 

2011 – Ashley Maton, 1500; Megan Fristoe, 3000; Boys 4x100 Relay Team (Alexander Needham, Jesse Sanderson, Cole Thomas, TJ Peay); Eric Jorgenson, PV 

2012 – Ashley Maton, 1500; Lucinda Howard, TJ; Girls 4x100 Relay (Megan Buzzas, Sarah Frazier, Olivia Singer, Alexa Thomas); Michael Wilson, 400, 300H; Bradley Laubacher, HJ; Boys 4x100 Relay (Nathan Lybarger, Michael Wilson, Cole Thomas, TJ Peay) 

2013 – Hannah Gindlesperger, 3000; Matthew Maton, 1500, 3000; Michael Wilson, 300H; Michael Menefee, HJ; Girls 4x100 Relay Team (Megan Buzzas, Meg Meagher, Olivia Singer, Alexa Thomas) 

2014 – Sarah Reeves, 800; Miranda Brown, TJ; Girls 4x100 Relay Team (Emma Stevenson, Megan Buzzas, Hannah Cochran, Alexa Thomas); Girls 4x400 Relay Team (Emma Stevenson, Kaely Gordon, Hannah Cochran, Sarah Reeves); Matthew Maton, 1500, 3000; Calvin Aylward, Javelin 

2015 – Piper Flannery, 400; Kaely Gordon, 800; Olivia Brooks, 1500, 3000; Girls 4x400 Relay Team (Emma Stevenson, Olivia Brooks, Kaely Gordon, Piper Flannery); Hannah Cochran, HJ; Camille Weaver, TJ; Alexander Yount, 100 

2016 – Hannah Cochran, 200, HJ; Piper Flannery, 400; Sarah Reeves, 800; Olivia Brooks 1500, 3000; Camille Weaver 100h, TJ; 4x400 Relay Team (Piper Flannery, Emma Stevenson, Hannah Cochran, Sarah Reeves) 

2017 – Emma Stevenson, 800; Olivia Brooks, 1500, 3000; Camille Weaver, 100m Hurdles, HJ, TJ; 4x100 Relay Team (Emma Normand, Anna Hinz, Carly Courtright,  Quin Fraley); 4x400 Relay Team (Quin Fraley, Anna Hinz, Olivia Brooks, Emma Stevenson); Haley Smith, Disc; Brayden Durfee, 200, 400; 4x400 Relay Team (Ben Graziani, Jett Ballentyne, Connor Duggan, Brayden Durfee); Ryan Tennant, LJ 

2018 – Isabel Max, 800; Fiona Max, 3000; Quin Fraley, 100H, 300H; Girls 4x400 Relay Team (Morgan Hanson, Isabel Max, Anna Hinz, Quin Fraley); Haley Smith, Discus, Ryan Tennant, LJ 

Summit moved to 6A 

2019 – Fiona Max, 3000; Jack Normand, LJ    Summit High School    Bend Lapine Schools    Christopher Shunk Photography
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